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Innovative Food Spaces and Commercial Kitchens

The restaurant design industry is craving tools to bring innovative food spaces and commercial kitchens to reality. Nearly every tool on the market is a nightmare to use, impossible to learn, and expensive to implement — and worst of all, they all fail to focus on the end-user. At Specifi®, we’re doing something different.

Specifi® recognizes the challenges that designers, dealers and manufacturers face in the world of commercial kitchens and restaurants. We’re transforming the industry by delivering an intuitive, high performing digital platform to streamline your processes while granting you greater efficiency in your business. Hosting integrations with over 250 manufacturers, we have the ultimate tool to help design consultants, food equipment manufacturers and equipment dealer sales professionals work better together.

Specifi® timeline

From idea to quote to design, ours is the only end to end,

3D software platform on the market to help you drive your business.